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THE LAW OFFICE OF BARRY D. MILLS is an employment and consumer law practice that focuses on problem solving and litigation. We represent employees who have disputes with their employers (present or past) and consumers who have debt or credit problems or who have been victimized by fraud or abuse. We also represent the interests of small businesses as well.

Some individual consumer or employment cases are better suited as CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS. We take on such cases and prosecute them ourselves or with other class action attorneys. We welcome individuals who may wish to bring class action lawsuits against employers, vendors, creditors, financial institutions, car companies, repossession companies, among others.


Our practice includes:

  • wage and hour disputes with employers
  • discrimination and harassment claims against employers
  • improper debt collection
  • improper credit reporting
  • fraudulent or misleading contracts or transactions
  • improper seizure or loss of property
  • small business disputes with vendors or competitors
  • employment and consumer finance Class Actions


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