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THE LAW OFFICE OF BARRY D. MILLS prosecutes Class Action lawsuits. We evaluate your employment and consumer claims. Sometimes we discover that other workers or consumers have suffered the same harm that you have suffered. For example, if your employer failed to pay you overtime, the employer may have a policy or practice of not paying any of its employees overtime. Or, you may have received a debt collection letter that violates the law, and others may have also received the same letter.


If we determine that your case may warrant Class Action treatment, we will advise you and allow you to decide whether to proceed on your own or to represent others who have also been injured. We take on such cases and prosecute them ourselves or with other class action attorneys. We welcome individuals who may wish to bring class action lawsuits against employers, vendors, creditors, financial institutions, car companies, repossession companies, among others.


If we prosecute your case as an individual claim, you may be responsible for some of the attorneys fees or costs. However, if we prosecute your case as a Class Action we do not charge you for our time and we advance all of the costs. If we prevail, the other side pays our attorneys fees and costs. You may also receive a monetary award over and above any damages you may have suffered for having stood up for others and represented them in a class action lawsuit.



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