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We represent consumers who have financial disputes or are victims of fraud and abuse.  If you are a consumer with credit or debt problems, we may be able to help you.  Typically, there are three areas where consumer disputes arise:


1. The Inititial Transaction.  If you bought or leased something with or without a contract, you may not have received the "benefit of the bargain."  If you are not satisfied with the transaction, we may be able to help you resolve the matter through negociation or litigation.


2.  Collection.  If you were unable to make payments on a contract or lease and you are now being pursued by debt collectors, we may be able to help.  We sue creditors and debt collectors for abusive collection tactics.  We may also defend you and negociate a settlement if you are sued for failure to pay.


3.  Credit Reporting. Creditors are only allowed to report accurate and complete information to credit bureaus such as Equifax, Trans-Union and Experian.  If you discovery that your credit has been affected by improper reporting, we may be able to correct or remove information from your credit report either through negogiation or litigation.


Fraud and abuse may have occurred in any of these 3 areas.  We sue for fraudulent and abusive practices.


In some instances, not only you, but other consumers like you may have suffered the same problem.  We take on such cases and prosecute them as Class Action lawsuits.  In such cases, you can decide whether to hire us to pursue the class action case or individual claim.


Most consumer lawsuits are prosecuted on a contingency fee basis.  We also advance some of the costs of litigation.  In other words, you only pay our fee we recover money for you.  However, there are some instances where we may agree to charge an hourly or flat-fee for services.  If the employment case is prosecuted as a Class Action, we never directly charge you an attorneys fee and all of the costs are advanced until the case is resolved.

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